Frenchie Mommas

Meet some of our baby mommas, including Penny Lane, Havana, Lola, and Luna!

Penny Lane

Penny Lane is our blue covered in cream frenchie.


Havana is lilac and tan covered in cream. She’s a compact girl, weighing 20lbs .


Lola is our special girl! She is a Pied Blue Merle.
She has the perfect temperament. She is so sweet, loyal, and loving. She loves cuddling with her humans more than anything. She has a soft spot for her big brother which has autism. She is always by his side, making sure he is ok and helps him when he is having a hard time with something, regardless of how upset he is. He notices this and loves her for it. He is so sweet to her. Lola passes this special gift to her pups which is amazing. She is truly an autism whisperer.

Any Questions?

The wellbeing of our Frenchies is our highest priority.

If you have any questions or concerns that are not answered on our website feel free to contact us.

If you have an emergency please reach out to an emergency vet!